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NEW! The bright yellow 2007 paperback edition of Spunk & Bite now sits proudly in the reference/writing sections of the nation's brick and online bookstores. Subtitled, A Writer's Guide to Bold, Contemporary Style, it offers a bonus section of exercises for your literary lats, abs, pecs, and other writing muscles.   

     With a price as low as $9.38, it screams---caterwauls!--- to be in your pocket, purse, or that skanky old backpack. And, considering the rapturous  shudders its readers are experiencing (see About the Book), may I suggest it---or the hardcover edition---as a gift to yourself or a word-stricken friend? Here's the Barnes & Noble link,  or click the Amazon link (second button) below.  ---A.P.


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Greetings to fellow writers struggling for distinction in today's witheringly competitive environment. Prepare to soar above the huddle of predictable stylists.


Whether you're one beat from the sublime or mired in slush piles, today could be a day of levitation for you. 


You are invited to rise on the the updrafts of a fresh title from Random House Reference:  SPUNK & BITE: A Writer's Guide to Punchier, More Engaging Language & Style, by Arthur Plotnik---that's me, your servant in the art of distinctive, stimulating, publishable writing.


To what's already on this site, I'll be adding nuggets gathered in a career as author, editor, publishing executive, and writing columnist.


I offer fresh tips, offbeat approaches, and practical techniques you'll find nowhere but here and in my crowning work, Spunk & Bite.  Also: links to the most epiphanic sites for writers and my own latest epiphanies.


Oh--and even if you're overdosed on author blogs, you may want to have a look at my "Snog", an occasional sniff of inside-writing stuff I call, "The Lubricated Snoot." Its beauty is that you cannot add comments---no burden of response!


EXTRA: A MODEL PROPOSAL---At the end of the "Lessons & Links" page, you'll now find a complete book proposal, one that scored a hit and from which you can model your own winning proposals.


I suggest you raid this site (click below right) now and as its riches overfloweth. Or, you impulsive devil, go ahead and acquire this affordable, transformative, and already acclaimed guide from your favorite store, be it Amazon, B&N, or Bubba's Book and Bait Stop. 




Click below right to enter the site's inner sanctum, there to find enlightenment on book and author and behold the testimony of poet Billy Collins, wordmeister Richard Lederer, author/editor Andrea J. Sutcliffe, journalist Chip Scanlan, and more. 




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